Does this make me a nerd?!

Happy New Comic Day!!
So, last week was a bit of a light week for releases and it gave me a chance to finally check out (on @4thworldZombie‘s recommendation) Jeff Lemire’s The Nobody.

DO IT! Seriously! It’ll take you no time at all to read and it is a beautiful little book about an invisible man who can’t help but get noticed by the population of the small fishing town of Large Mouth. Upon completion, it made me think of the Twilight Zone episode, “The Monsters Are Due on Maple”. I really loved it! I want to buy an original page from it eventually for sure!

Notable from last week (not in my top 5):

Dungeons & Dragons?! Seriously?! Me?! Does this make me a nerd?!
When I was a little kid, I went to my local comic shop in Virginia called, Richmond Comix where there were normally kids set up at tables playing some game with a 100 sided dice (forgive me if that’s wrong). These kids were incredibly unwelcoming to newcomers. I get that now. It was their thing. It was their thing which people probably gave them tons of shit about already anyway. Of course they would be unwelcoming, but at the time, I was pissed. I guess it kind of stuck with me, because since then, I’ve done everything in my power to avoid Dungeons & Dragons… That shit is for nerds (how many people did I just piss off?).
Anyway, IDW is putting out a crossover events right now called Infestation 2, which I am only reading because eventually the Ninja Turtles are getting involved. SHIT! I’m going to have to read Dungeons & Dragons comics?! Bullshit!
Turns out, I fucking loved the first issue! It was like Sherlock Holmes in a fantasy setting! It was tons of fun, and I’m actually really looking forward to checking out #2 this week! NERD.

BREAKING NEWS!! Nerdtown’s population is growing!!!!!!!
Tons of new stuff is happening here in Nerdtown! Including some new writers for this blog! I’m teaming with my favorite comic shop in the world, 4th World Comics (Smithtown, NY) in an attempt to bring you guys more. At some point over this next month, you’ll start to see articles, news, reviews or whatever the fuck the fine people over at 4th World feel like saying! There has even been some talk of a weekly podcast… SHHH! Don’t tell anyone!

Let’s do the pulls!!!
It was all I could do to not put American Vampire in my Top 5 this week. It’s just so damn good I can’t stand it! But I promised I would be trying to switch it up a bit and stop picking all the same books every week.
Here we go, 2/22/12 Top 5 Pulls:

Prophet #22

Image: Brandon Graham and Simon Roy

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #7

IDW Publishing: Kevin Eastman, Tom Waltz and Dan Duncan

Chew #24

Image: John Layman and Rob Guillory

No Place Like Home #1

Image: Angelo Tirotto and Richard Jordan

All Star Western #6

DC Comics: Jimmy Palmiotti, Justin Gray and Moritat

One more quick thing before I go.

This Good Robot played the first round of The Bamboozle Break Contest this past Sunday and we had a blast!! Made tons of new friends and saw some great new bands! Thank you guys so much for coming out to support us! Thanks to you, This Good Robot has advanced to the next round!
Let’s do it again!!! We could really use your help. YES! YOU!! Go sign up on Friend us and talk about us. You have no idea how much just that alone will help! Once we have more info on the next round, we will be sure to pass it on! We can’t do this without you. I’m not just talking about the contest, I’m talking about the band in general… We can’t do it without you… It wouldn’t be nearly as much fun. Be a part of what happens when This Good Robot takes over the planet.

My Original Comic Art Gallery: Now I’m just showing off…



IT’S BIGGER ON THE INSIDE! New comics! Top 5 Pulls!

One of my favorite writers, Joshua Hale Fialkov, is writing Doctor Who comics!! The first of his 4 issue run came out today and to celebrate… I bought myself another Tardis.

This one is life sized. I’ve been needing a life sized Tardis for a while now so I’m really glad I finally took care of that. On that note… The Pulls.

Doctor motherfucking Who #13!!!!!!!!!! (my apologies, my iPhone is telling me now that “motherfucking is not a word. We do not condone the use of poor spelling or bad grammar on this motherfucking blog.)

IDW: Joshua Hale Fialkov and Matthew Dow Smith

Whispers #1

Image: Joshua Luna

Severed #6

Image: Scott Snyder & Scott Tuft and Attila Futaki

The Strange Talents of Luther Strode

Image: Justin Jordan and Tradd Moore

Invincible #87

Image: Robert Kirkman and Ryan Ottley

According to this Top 5, I seem to really be into what’s happening over at Image Comics these days. I couldn’t fit The Last of the Greats in there, but figured I already had his Who book in the top spot and went with Invincible instead. I also picked up 8 “New 52” books, of which I’m especially excited for Frankenstein: Agent of Shade by Jeff Lemire and I’ve been enjoying Green Lantern by Geoff Johns.

This Good Robot has 2 shows this weekend!! Friday in Rocky Point, NY and Sunday at Webster Hall in NYC with Patent Pending (Contact me here or on twitter for tickets!!!) For more info: THISGOODROBOT.COM

Good talk. See you out there.
(cue Tardis sound effects while I disappear) ::VWORP:: ::VWORP::