I believe in Brian K. Vaughan!! We’ve missed you!!

Happy Pi Day Everybody! What a great day for comics! 25 Books this week! If all that came out today was Saga and Locke & Key it would still be one of the best days ever! But we’ve also got the highly anticipated second issues of Thief of Thieves and Peter Panzerfaust, Joshua Hale Fialkov’s third installment of his awesome Doctor Who story, new stuff from Vertigo and the conclusion of the first mini series of The Strange Talents of Luther Strode by Justin Jordan (I think we’re going to be seeing a lot from this guy soon! Really great stuff!

SAGA seems to be the word today around the #comicmarket and for all kinds of good reasons! Brian K. Vaughan’s return to comics is met with wide open arms! As a huge fan of his work myself,

(can you tell?) I often complain that he doesn’t write more comics, but after reading the first issue of Saga, I’m reminded just how special his writing is. He’s not writing just to write. His dialog flows so beautifully and is so powerful. Nothing in a Brian K. Vaughan book ever feels fake or half-assed, he commits whole heartily to the character’s development and the worlds he creates for them. I
believe in comic books. I believe in Brian K. Vaughan.

Having said all of that, I would read the shit out of this book with or without Vaughan, because Fiona Staple’s art is simply stunning! This is the first stuff I’ve seen of hers and I’m gonna go ahead and call myself a fan! The character designs are insane and wonderful. The colors are just gorgeous. I can’t wait to turn the page to see what’s next. She really knows how to show facial expression. I truly believed every emotion. That first scene! Are you kidding me?! Simply beautiful! I was immediately involved in their joy and fear of being new parents. Not to mention, Alana’s face when Marko starts chewing through the umbilical chord… perfect!

My only complaint is that she works digitally, and ONLY because I want to buy the original art for every single page. Oh well, maybe she’ll do some prints or something so I can throw my money at her.

I know I say it all the time, but I love that Image Comics is taking so many chances with creator owned books that may not always be considered mainstream. It’s exciting not always knowing what to expect, and I’m so rarely disappointed by new titles they’ve been putting out. Keep doing what you are doing. I will keep buying them. That’s a promise.

One last thing about this book before I get into the top 5 pulls.
44 PAGES! NOT ONE FUCKING AD! $2.99! Well done Image Comics. Well done all around.


Saga #1

Image Comics: Brian K. Vaughan and Fiona Staples

Locke & Key: Clockworks #5 (of 6)

IDW Publishing: Joe Hill and Gabriel Rodriguez

Crossed: Badlands #1 (Garth Ennis returns to Crossed!!)

Avatar Press: Garth Ennis and Jacen Burrows

Saucer Country #1

DC Vertigo: Paul Cornell and Ryan Kelly

Conan The Barbarian #2

Dark Horse Comics: Brian Wood and Becky Cloonan

Happy Reading!!

What I’m watching this week: picked up the Tintin blu-ray by Steven Moffat (Very exciting!) and I’m like 3 episodes behind on Alcatraz. The return of Bob’s Burgers was fucking awesome! Please watch this show if you don’t, I never want it to get cancelled!

In other news: SHE SAID YES!!

My girlfriend Chelsea and I are getting married!! I know right?! Crazy! I couldn’t be happier! She makes being in love the easiest thing I’ve ever done and I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with her!

Aren’t we adorable?!

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My Original Comic Art Gallery: Now I’m just showing off…



Does this make me a nerd?!

Happy New Comic Day!!
So, last week was a bit of a light week for releases and it gave me a chance to finally check out (on @4thworldZombie‘s recommendation) Jeff Lemire’s The Nobody.

DO IT! Seriously! It’ll take you no time at all to read and it is a beautiful little book about an invisible man who can’t help but get noticed by the population of the small fishing town of Large Mouth. Upon completion, it made me think of the Twilight Zone episode, “The Monsters Are Due on Maple”. I really loved it! I want to buy an original page from it eventually for sure!

Notable from last week (not in my top 5):

Dungeons & Dragons?! Seriously?! Me?! Does this make me a nerd?!
When I was a little kid, I went to my local comic shop in Virginia called, Richmond Comix where there were normally kids set up at tables playing some game with a 100 sided dice (forgive me if that’s wrong). These kids were incredibly unwelcoming to newcomers. I get that now. It was their thing. It was their thing which people probably gave them tons of shit about already anyway. Of course they would be unwelcoming, but at the time, I was pissed. I guess it kind of stuck with me, because since then, I’ve done everything in my power to avoid Dungeons & Dragons… That shit is for nerds (how many people did I just piss off?).
Anyway, IDW is putting out a crossover events right now called Infestation 2, which I am only reading because eventually the Ninja Turtles are getting involved. SHIT! I’m going to have to read Dungeons & Dragons comics?! Bullshit!
Turns out, I fucking loved the first issue! It was like Sherlock Holmes in a fantasy setting! It was tons of fun, and I’m actually really looking forward to checking out #2 this week! NERD.

BREAKING NEWS!! Nerdtown’s population is growing!!!!!!!
Tons of new stuff is happening here in Nerdtown! Including some new writers for this blog! I’m teaming with my favorite comic shop in the world, 4th World Comics (Smithtown, NY) in an attempt to bring you guys more. At some point over this next month, you’ll start to see articles, news, reviews or whatever the fuck the fine people over at 4th World feel like saying! There has even been some talk of a weekly podcast… SHHH! Don’t tell anyone!

Let’s do the pulls!!!
It was all I could do to not put American Vampire in my Top 5 this week. It’s just so damn good I can’t stand it! But I promised I would be trying to switch it up a bit and stop picking all the same books every week.
Here we go, 2/22/12 Top 5 Pulls:

Prophet #22

Image: Brandon Graham and Simon Roy

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #7

IDW Publishing: Kevin Eastman, Tom Waltz and Dan Duncan

Chew #24

Image: John Layman and Rob Guillory

No Place Like Home #1

Image: Angelo Tirotto and Richard Jordan

All Star Western #6

DC Comics: Jimmy Palmiotti, Justin Gray and Moritat

One more quick thing before I go.

This Good Robot played the first round of The Bamboozle Break Contest this past Sunday and we had a blast!! Made tons of new friends and saw some great new bands! Thank you guys so much for coming out to support us! Thanks to you, This Good Robot has advanced to the next round!
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The best comics are free comics!

So I had kind of a weird day. At work, I got hit in the eye and sliced my cornea… Which is exactly as much fun as it sounds. I reluctantly went to the doctor and in the end, I’m glad I did. Nothing worse than infected eyeballs! The doctor said I should be in a lot more pain than I am… Turns out I’m not a pussy after all! Hooorrray!!!
And then… There were comics.
When you go to get your comics this week, be sure to pick up the FREE Vertigo 2012 Preview.

I’m a huge Fables fan, so I was excited to see some of the first pages from the Fairest spin off by Bill Willingham, Phil Jimenez and Andy Lanning (#1 on sale March 7, 2012). Before the Fairest preview, which was great by the way, were three others. I normally check out of Vertigo #1’s, but these previews have me totally pumped for:
Dominque Laveau: Voodoo Child by Selwyn Seyfu Hinds, Denys Cowan, and John Floyd (#1 on sale March 21, 2012)

The New Deadwardians by Dan Abnett and I. N. J. Culbard (#1 on sale March 28, 2012)

Saucer Country by Paul Cornell and Ryan Kelly (#1 on sale March 14, 2012)

I’m definitely on board for all four!

Notable from last week (not in my top 5):
Allstar Western #6

I never put this one in my top 5, and I’m not really sure why. Every issue so far has been a blast!

Now, onto this weeks pulls!

Severed #7 (of 7)

Image: Scott Snyder, Scott Tuft and Attila Futaki
Just read it… I miss it already. What a great story! It’s totally possible to be scared while reading a comic book… This is proof.

Thief of Thieves #1

Image: Robert Kirkman, Nick Spencer and Shawn Matinbrough

Memorial #3

IDW Publishing: Chris Roberson and Rich Ellis

The Unwritten #34

DC Vertigo: Mike Carey and Peter Gross

Frankenstein Agent of S.H.A.D.E. #6

DC Comics: Jeff Lemire and Alberto Ponticelli

I’ve got an episode of Alcatraz on and I’m not devoting nearly enough attention to it. I’m done here.


This Good Robot – The Human I Am EP Lyrics (for those who’ve requested)

20120204-231206.jpgPeople keep asking for these and I’ve been too busy (lazy) til now. Sorry.
I had to listen to the songs and pause and play as I typed to make sure I didn’t mess anything up. I’ll confess that there was a line or two that had me a bit stumped even listening back. what the fuck was I trying to say?! No one will ever know. Enjoy!

Woe is Barnaby Black

Oh, I’m not the man I was the day the coppers took my face away
Away, away, a mistake they put me away
So, I wondered who my mother was as they dragged me towards that prison bus, sent away, sent away, sent away, they put me away
Oh, you haven’t heard the last from me
The science of catastrophe
You’ll get yours (you’ll get yours)
I’ll get mine (not this time)
Then we’ll see if we can die

Oh, my mind, it’s running faster…
It’s running faster in all of the wrong ways
Oh, I’m so lost, I’ve found my way
Oh, I, I am not the answer
But i’ve got the answer
I won’t walk away
When they’re talking down my name
I’m the fall guy they can blame

So you’ve lost your mind quite literally
Then you beg me for some sympathy
Well it’s right where we left it that night
All over the wall
The ceiling still rains bits of you
I never got you off my shoes
So I throw them away
Yeah I throw, throw them away

My heart!
It beats me senseless
And all my senses seem to slip away
Oh, I’m so lost, I’ve found my way
But I, I am not defenseless
And I’ve seen my purpose
I will have my day
When they’re talking down my name
I’m the fall guy they can blame
So I might as well play the part

Chronic Town

It’s not our war (not this time)
You’re hands tied to the floor (not this time)
Real problems ignored (give up the fight)
Til we fall apart (but we’ll never die)
In those hands (we’re all free)
That we hold onto
And we go

We’re all man-made (I have been saved)
We’re all built the same (I have been saved)
And we run

Give up the fight (the human I have been)
Drop it now (the human I could be)
With all you’re might (once you’ve abandoned all)
And let go (the faith you had in me)

Give us love
Or we walk

It’s cute you think you’re going home (have I been saved?)

Alive! Alive! Alive! Alive!

The Human I Am

Someone’s got me tied up to a wall
I’ve got to get lose,
Got to go off and save the world
If I can’t break free
There’s no saving me
Then you’re all doomed
And I’ll apologize
But of course you can’t hear me anymore

So I dig down deeper
You fall so much fast
But I promise that I’ll make this grab
If I lost you, I’d lose all the human I am

Now the dead are walking
We may have to run
Won’t live out the night long enough to feel the sun
And she screams, “SOMEONE SAVE ME! I JUST CAN’T BREAK FREE! THEY SMELL MY BRAINS! NO! I BEG AND PLEAD! Of course, they can’t hear me anymore”

So now you’re tied to the tracks and I’m breaking my back for love
We’ve got an hour to kill and if the train doesn’t do it, he will
When suddenly it hits me
A ton of bricks
It can’t be
And we’re all gone
And still you beg and plead
But I don’t want to hear it anymore

Call the Police

You promised you’d always be true
You wronged me can my stop loving you
Along with my trust
You took all of my heart
And still, I can’t stop saving you

Get down!
Right now!
On the ground!
Introduce yourself to the tile!
I know, I know, I know, it’s a bit much to handle
You ain’t got no luck and no hero

I’m sorry I find this funny
You’re meager attempt to stop me
But there’s a knife in his back
Did the little lady do that?

This world it vibrates and here I am standing still
Watching these heads roll away
Talk of the nation!
It’s newest sensation!
Say no? Share your lovers grave!
You thought I didn’t know?
You thought I didn’t know?

Well I could be king
And you could be free
Oh, but this pardon, it comes with a fee
Only your word
Don’t be absurd!
Darlin this world we could tear it apart!
Hell, it’s already falling apart
Yeah, this world, let’s tear it apart!

You and me we make great partners
City’s mine
It could be ours
I have waited long to show you
All this time
I’ve always been dreaming of you –And me we make great partners…

I thought I found you out
Found out what all the fuss was about
I give up
I’m done
You win
I have lost all the human I am <—(HEY LOOK! THAT'S THE NAME OF THE ALBUM AND THAT OTHER SONG! NEAT!! 😉 )

You've got me all shook up!
You've got me all shook up!
Now I'm gone!
Now I'm gone!

There’s a bunch of back up stuff and rock together still, but I’m tired and lazy. Another time my friends. You can get this EP on itunes, amazon or at This Good Robot Merch. While you’re there, don’t forget to grab your tickets for the Bamboozle Break Contest Feb 19th at Ollie’s Point!


Shit. I didn’t talk about comics once in this post. What kind of blog are we running here anyway?! Worst. Comic blog. Ever.
Shheeesh! There are other things in the world other than Comics! Comics! Comics! I just don’t care about them.

The Best Day Ever!! Very late Top 5 pulls

So, I’m late for the first time since starting my top 5’s. I started writing a post for Wednesday on Tuesday night and based on what was coming out, the post was entitled, “The Best Day Ever!!”. Then Wednesday happened and for me, it was one of the worst days I’ve ever had. But at least there were comics. Great comics. Most of my favorites in fact. I’d been in a bad mood since and made a point not to read any of my books for fear that my mood would ruin my favorite things. Meanwhile, the comics probably would have helped. Anyway, I’m sorry for posting late.
I know that my top 5’s tend to be a bit repetitive, and I’m working on it, but really, it shouldn’t be my responsibility. On average I pick up 20 – 30 books a week and try to give most everything a fighting chance. If something is awesome, or of a publisher or creative team has me excited to check something out, it’ll be in my top 5.

Since I’m late posting late, I’m gonna do a little more than usual. I’d like to start doing this from now on when it’s called for. There were some books from last week that were not in my top 5, but I thought were worth mentioning.

Rachel Rising #5 by Terry Moore

The scene where she describes waking up underground was fucking intense!

And The Flash #5 by Francis Manapul and Brian Buccellato

This has been one of my favorites of the New 52’s and all of the sudden I like it even more… time travel. Plus, the art continues to be some of the best in comics right now. definitely go check out these two books.

Moving on!
This is the most exciting thing that’s come out so far this year! I’ve only had a chance to flip through it so far… (let’s go Amazon! Fuck! I hate you! But nobody can compete with your prices! Gahhhww! Send the damn thing already!)


This thing is fucking huge!!!!! Seriously. 11 x 17 Hardcover and features art and stories by… Well… everyone.

As you can see,



I’m a Madman fan.
(totally unnecessary brag note: figure in the back right of the display case was made by a company in France, numbered #1 of 100, signed by Mike Allred and is actually 1 of a kind from what I’m told… Whatever, No big deal.)
What is a big deal is BRAND NEW MADMAN STORIES! This book is overflowing with them. If you’ve never read any Madman, I can’t recommend it enough. It’s what got me into comics in the first place and continues to be the most fun I’ve ever had with comics.

Without Madman in my life… This Top 5 may never have existed (nice dramatic segue):

Locke & Key: Clockworks #4 (in 9 issues, it’s all over!) 😦

IDW: Joe Hill and Gabriel Rodriguez

Sweet Tooth #30

DC Vertigo: Jeff Lemire

Swamp Thing #6

DC Comics: Scott Snyder and Marco Rudy

Animal Man #6

DC Comics: Jeff Lemire, John Paul Leon and Travel Foreman

Superman: Action Comics #6

DC Comics: Grant Morrison and Andy Kubert

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Vampires! Zombies! And Cyborgs! OH MY!! Top 5

And don’t forget Mutant Turtles!! And to be fair, it’s only one cyborg (that I know of, I haven’t started reading my stack yet.) I was told that this was going to be a light week and yet, I still left 4th World Comics (Smithtown, NY — GO TO THERE!) with 22 books tonight. Just warming up for next week. Apparently next we is when everything comes out. Everything ever… All of it. It’s all out next Wednesday… You name it… It’s coming out. I really can’t stand the wait for that new Madman hardcover any longer. ONE MORE WEEK!!!!

Getting way ahead of myself. … Let’s get into the top pulls. Some great stuff today. Would you believe I’ve never been especially into Vampires?

1/25/12 Top 5 Pulls:

American Vampire #23

DC/Vertigo: Scott Snyder and Rafael Albuquerque

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #6

IDW: Kevin Eastman, Tom Waltz and Dan Duncan

The Walking Dead #93

Image Comics: Robert Kirkman and Charlie Adlard

Justice League #5

DC Comics: Geoff Johns and Jim Lee

I, Vampire #5

DC Comics: Joshua Hale Fialkov and Andrea Sorrentino

There’s the top 5 for this week! If I don’t post next week, it’s because Madman has every bit of my attention!

Quickly in other news:
This Good Robot wants to play the Bamboozle this year! You can help make it happen!!



Come hang out!!


So It Goes…

The following was filmed for Rewrite The Scene after our CMJ Showcase at the Dominion in NYC. Thanks Nick at rewrite the scene for your continued support and for doing this with us, we had a blast! @rewritethescene

I wrote this song right after reading an issue of Morning Glories by Nick Spencer and Joe Eisma, I’ll bet you can guess which one! Spencer and Eisma were both kind enough to tweet about the video. The book is great! Go check it out!: Morning Glories
Thanks for the inspiration!

This is a brand new song called, “So It Goes…”. This Good Robot will be recording a full band version of this song soon. Don’t forget about our Ollie’s Point Show in Amityville, NY on November 17th, and our Special Black Friday Show at Sinclaires in North Babylon November 25th with Patent Pending and Special Guests! ENJOY!



Welcome to Nerdtown, USA… I live here. allow me to introduce myself…

My name is Michael Ragosta, I’m 25 years old and I have a serious addiction to comic books. At a very young age my grandfather got me watching the Twilight Zone marathon with him on new year’s eve and even younger than that I was watching Superman, Batman and Ninja Turtles cartoons and movies. Things started getting serious when my sister Gina took me to my first comic shop, Richmond Comics in Richmond, Virginia when I was 11 years old. Gina was reading things by Neil Gaiman and Garth Ennis then, names I wouldn’t discover until my teens. That day i picked out 3 comics:

Star Wars: X-wing Rogue Sqadron #17

Superman Adventures #1

Superman/Madman Hullabaloo #1

I read all three over and over and over again and remember almost every page. It was Hullabaloo that had the strongest effect on me. Mike Allred’s art leapt out at me from across the store. I remember studying the cover for the first time. There he was. This character dressed all in white I’d never seen before. He stood next to the all familiar Superman, both in their action poses. Madman, also known as Frank Einstein, wearing a bold red lightning bolt across his chest and a small black one on his forehead below hair that was always waving in the wind (even if no other characters hair was moving at all). He had black rings around pupil-less white eyes and clutched his weapon of choice, a yo-yo, ready for anything. I wanted to be him, I wanted to act like him; look like him. He was constantly looking for the meaning in everything, and so was I. He was thoughtful and kind of ridiculous. Always hanging around mutant street beatniks turned superheroes, aliens and robots, these were my kind of people! He has a beautiful girlfriend who doesn’t care that he was recently dead and brought back to life by some mad scientists (get it? Frank Einstein.) and he can’t remember anything about his life other than that he might actually have been a murderer… seriously! It was just so much fun, and I felt like I could relate to every word Mike Allred had written. Of course, I still own the very same copy and even at 11 years old I knew to board and bag them and was immediately anal about the condition. I loved the way they looked, glossy, new and exciting in their plastic which made them look so important. I remember that year for my birthday, my mom tracked down everything Mike Allred had ever written and just knowing that this was it for me. Comics were to be a constant thing in my life for as many more birthdays I’m able to have. Along with the comics, I started collecting toys, statues, art prints and whatever else i could get my hands on. My parents are constantly begging me to go and pack everything up that’s still on display in my old room at their house. sorry! here are some old pictures of my room i found on my phone:






A few years ago, at Wizard’s Big Apple Con i found this just sitting on a table all alone. The original Mike Allred cover art for Grafik Muzik #4 (one of his first comics)

A very nice old man sitting at the table was pretty much completely deaf and the whole transaction happened on paper (me and this man writing notes back and forth to eachother.) Before i walked away from the table the man said, “I got this from him, now i’m giving it to you.” it was the first piece of original art I’ve ever bought, and just like that, Mike Allred changed my life for the second time. My comic book addiction has gotten a bit more expensive, thanks Mike! i’m still buying new comics to read every week, but i’ve pretty much stopped buying toys and statues in order to devote all of this non-existent extra cash i’m pretending to have an abundance of on original comic art. You can see my ORIGINAL COMIC ART GALLERY HERE. I’m a big Vertigo/DC comics and independant fan, I think image is regularly putting out great new titles and miniseries. I really wish Gabriel Rodriguez would sell me every last one of his Locke & Key pages. always picking up new things to read and happy to take reading suggestions! I love geeking out with fellow comic nerds, feel free to write just to talk comics. I read pretty much anything by: Brian K. Vaughan, Mike Allred, Scott Snyder, Neil Gaiman, Garth Ennis, Joe Hill, Grant Morrison, Warren Ellis, Eric Powell, Robert Kirkman, Josh Fialkov, along with tons of random titles, you like comics? I like comics! let’s hang out about it! If you know nothing about comics, but think you might be interested in checking something out, let me know! I’ll try to steer you in the right direction.
Other than comics, I’m also in a Science Fiction band called This Good Robot

Most of my songs are either about comics I’m reading or writing, or transcending space and time. Check it out: LONG LIVE THIS GOOD ROBOT and be sure to follow me on Twitter: @ThisGoodIdiot