This Good Robot – The Human I Am EP Lyrics (for those who’ve requested)

20120204-231206.jpgPeople keep asking for these and I’ve been too busy (lazy) til now. Sorry.
I had to listen to the songs and pause and play as I typed to make sure I didn’t mess anything up. I’ll confess that there was a line or two that had me a bit stumped even listening back. what the fuck was I trying to say?! No one will ever know. Enjoy!

Woe is Barnaby Black

Oh, I’m not the man I was the day the coppers took my face away
Away, away, a mistake they put me away
So, I wondered who my mother was as they dragged me towards that prison bus, sent away, sent away, sent away, they put me away
Oh, you haven’t heard the last from me
The science of catastrophe
You’ll get yours (you’ll get yours)
I’ll get mine (not this time)
Then we’ll see if we can die

Oh, my mind, it’s running faster…
It’s running faster in all of the wrong ways
Oh, I’m so lost, I’ve found my way
Oh, I, I am not the answer
But i’ve got the answer
I won’t walk away
When they’re talking down my name
I’m the fall guy they can blame

So you’ve lost your mind quite literally
Then you beg me for some sympathy
Well it’s right where we left it that night
All over the wall
The ceiling still rains bits of you
I never got you off my shoes
So I throw them away
Yeah I throw, throw them away

My heart!
It beats me senseless
And all my senses seem to slip away
Oh, I’m so lost, I’ve found my way
But I, I am not defenseless
And I’ve seen my purpose
I will have my day
When they’re talking down my name
I’m the fall guy they can blame
So I might as well play the part

Chronic Town

It’s not our war (not this time)
You’re hands tied to the floor (not this time)
Real problems ignored (give up the fight)
Til we fall apart (but we’ll never die)
In those hands (we’re all free)
That we hold onto
And we go

We’re all man-made (I have been saved)
We’re all built the same (I have been saved)
And we run

Give up the fight (the human I have been)
Drop it now (the human I could be)
With all you’re might (once you’ve abandoned all)
And let go (the faith you had in me)

Give us love
Or we walk

It’s cute you think you’re going home (have I been saved?)

Alive! Alive! Alive! Alive!

The Human I Am

Someone’s got me tied up to a wall
I’ve got to get lose,
Got to go off and save the world
If I can’t break free
There’s no saving me
Then you’re all doomed
And I’ll apologize
But of course you can’t hear me anymore

So I dig down deeper
You fall so much fast
But I promise that I’ll make this grab
If I lost you, I’d lose all the human I am

Now the dead are walking
We may have to run
Won’t live out the night long enough to feel the sun
And she screams, “SOMEONE SAVE ME! I JUST CAN’T BREAK FREE! THEY SMELL MY BRAINS! NO! I BEG AND PLEAD! Of course, they can’t hear me anymore”

So now you’re tied to the tracks and I’m breaking my back for love
We’ve got an hour to kill and if the train doesn’t do it, he will
When suddenly it hits me
A ton of bricks
It can’t be
And we’re all gone
And still you beg and plead
But I don’t want to hear it anymore

Call the Police

You promised you’d always be true
You wronged me can my stop loving you
Along with my trust
You took all of my heart
And still, I can’t stop saving you

Get down!
Right now!
On the ground!
Introduce yourself to the tile!
I know, I know, I know, it’s a bit much to handle
You ain’t got no luck and no hero

I’m sorry I find this funny
You’re meager attempt to stop me
But there’s a knife in his back
Did the little lady do that?

This world it vibrates and here I am standing still
Watching these heads roll away
Talk of the nation!
It’s newest sensation!
Say no? Share your lovers grave!
You thought I didn’t know?
You thought I didn’t know?

Well I could be king
And you could be free
Oh, but this pardon, it comes with a fee
Only your word
Don’t be absurd!
Darlin this world we could tear it apart!
Hell, it’s already falling apart
Yeah, this world, let’s tear it apart!

You and me we make great partners
City’s mine
It could be ours
I have waited long to show you
All this time
I’ve always been dreaming of you –And me we make great partners…

I thought I found you out
Found out what all the fuss was about
I give up
I’m done
You win
I have lost all the human I am <—(HEY LOOK! THAT'S THE NAME OF THE ALBUM AND THAT OTHER SONG! NEAT!! 😉 )

You've got me all shook up!
You've got me all shook up!
Now I'm gone!
Now I'm gone!

There’s a bunch of back up stuff and rock together still, but I’m tired and lazy. Another time my friends. You can get this EP on itunes, amazon or at This Good Robot Merch. While you’re there, don’t forget to grab your tickets for the Bamboozle Break Contest Feb 19th at Ollie’s Point!


Shit. I didn’t talk about comics once in this post. What kind of blog are we running here anyway?! Worst. Comic blog. Ever.
Shheeesh! There are other things in the world other than Comics! Comics! Comics! I just don’t care about them.

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