New Comic Day Top 5 Pulls (3)

Hello again! Welcome to another New Comic Day! I want to point out quickly that most of the time, I make my “top 5” lists before i get around to reading my pile. A lot of times I finish reading everything and find my top 5 reads to be much different than my top 5 pulls. So i guess this is really a list of the 5 comics I am most excited to read each week. Anyway, I shouldn’t be so proud of myself for making it 3 weeks in a row without missing one of these, but dammit, I am!

Locke & Key: Guide to the Known Keys

IDW Publishing: Joe Hill and Gabriel Rodriguez

Invincible #85

Image: Robert Kirkman and Cory Walker

I, Vampire #3

DC Comics: Joshua Hale Fialkov and Andrea Sorrentino

Aquaman #3

DC Comics: Geoff Johns and Ivan Reis

DMZ #71

DC Vertigo: Brian Wood and Riccardo Burchielli



Come hang out!!



I get emails every once and a while about when I’m going to start putting out comic books of my own. Here’s the answer:

I want to introduce to two incredibly talented friends of mine, Zackary Maers and Terence Fischette. Zack, Terence and I started meeting together to work on a brand new project about a week ago and I’m astounded by the progress we’ve made in just 7 days. Zack is an amazing artist and Terence is co-writing with me.
Having never gotten too far into the process of creating a comic book before, I thought it might be fun to document some of the progress here without giving away anything about the story. I can tell you, we plan on releasing several short stories to start before attacking some longer on-going ideas we are throwing around. I can also tell you that i have never had this much fun doing anything in my life. Too excited to keep this shit to myself, here’s some behind the scenes stuff. Enjoy!

Here we have three character design sketches by Zack for the first short story we are working on:




As you can see, Zack is ok at this whole drawing thing, but if you want to see some real raw talent, check out this badass spaceship I drew during a storyboarding session:


and also some totally out of this world storyboard sketches by Terence…

you know what? Maybe we don’t need Zack after all… (totally kidding!) I’m so lucky to get the chance to surround myself and work with such talented people who love comics just as much as I do. I really hope they are enjoying the creative process as much as I am. I’m really looking forward to seeing what we as a team are capable of.

So there you have it… this is where it starts. Keep checking back here and my twitter for updates!

One more thing. I want to leave you with a personal note: I can give you a million and a half excuses for why I’m yet to put out a comic book of my own. I spent years coming up with stories and ideas I would never actually write or follow through on. I would blame my shitty job or whatever other bullshit life throws at all us human beings for my lack of progress. “If only I had more time for myself!” “If only I had an artist!” “If only I could blah blah blah poor me blah blah fucking blah…” I want whoever is reading this to know that I was wrong to think this way and I’ve been wasting time. I apologize to all of you and to myself for being such a shithead.
You are the only thing holding yourself back in life. If you want to do something, to quote Nike, “JUST FUCKING DO IT!” (Nike was only allowed to put the “fucking” in on international ads). all joking aside, life is far too short to be miserable. Manage your time and do what you love. It’s also extremely important that you not be so hard on yourself all the time. Little steps go a long way. It’s never too late to learn new things. You have the ability to be in control of your own destiny. You are capable of being incredible… be incredible! Just fucking do it… seriously.


HAPPY NEW COMIC DAY!! Only the 2nd week and I almost forgot to do this…

Batman #3

DC Comics: Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo

Severed #4

Image Comics: Scott Snyder & Scott Tuft and Attila Futaki

I, Zombie #19

DC/Vertigo: Chris Roberson and Michael Allred

The Walking Dead #91

Image Comics: Robert Kirkman and Charlie Adlard

Mud Man #1

Image Comics: Paul Grist


Ahh Wednesday, You are my favorite day of the week. NEW COMICS! I usually try to post my top 5 pulls on my twitter every wednesday but sometimes Wednesday is laundry night… Sorry. But now i’ve got this shiny new blog (I’m not sure anyone is reading) so i figured it’s time to step it up a little bit. Let’s see how many weeks I can go without missing one of these. 1!

A really light week to start, the new 52 pretty much dominated my pile.
New Comic Day Top 5 Pulls:

The Unwritten #31

DC/Vertigo – Mike Carey and Peter Gross
Tommy Taylor and the War of Words Begins Here!

Frankenstein: Agent of S.H.A.D.E. #3

DC Comics – Jeff Lemire and Alberto Ponticelli

Jennifer Blood #6

Dynamite – Garth Ennis and Kewber Baal

Orchid #2

Dark Horse Comics – Tom Morello and Scott Hepburn

Green Lantern #3

DC Comics – Geoff Johns and Doug Mahnke

That’s it! Nerdtown, USA’s first New Comic Wednesday Top 5! Wasn’t it just riveting?! I especially liked the part with the comics! I showed you mine, now show me yours! What are you excited to read this week? Maybe I’m missing out on something awesome.

So It Goes…

The following was filmed for Rewrite The Scene after our CMJ Showcase at the Dominion in NYC. Thanks Nick at rewrite the scene for your continued support and for doing this with us, we had a blast! @rewritethescene

I wrote this song right after reading an issue of Morning Glories by Nick Spencer and Joe Eisma, I’ll bet you can guess which one! Spencer and Eisma were both kind enough to tweet about the video. The book is great! Go check it out!: Morning Glories
Thanks for the inspiration!

This is a brand new song called, “So It Goes…”. This Good Robot will be recording a full band version of this song soon. Don’t forget about our Ollie’s Point Show in Amityville, NY on November 17th, and our Special Black Friday Show at Sinclaires in North Babylon November 25th with Patent Pending and Special Guests! ENJOY!




IDW Publishing is having a contest right now which you can read about here: Save My Retailer Contest

Basically, if you win, your face goes here:


I own an IPhone and an IPad, and think digital comics are really beautiful and convenient. They also totally scare the crap out of me. It is more important than ever that we all support our local comic retailers. That being said, I think it’s great that IDW is having this contest. Naturally with all the love I have for my local comic shop, 4TH WORLD COMICS it was easy to write about how awesome they are. The hardest part for me was keeping it under 300 words after coming out of the gate with an easy 1000. I went back and cut all the sappy stuff and the over the top sex scene and this was my submission:

Here are 300 words about why my comic shop kicks your comic shop’s ass.
(also, i’m counting the title as part of the 300 words)
By, Michael Ragosta (that too) (and everything here in parentheses)

One of my favorite things in the world is going to the comic shop every wednesday to pick up the new books. Of course, it doesn’t hurt when you have such a great shop to go to. I have been to comic shops in just about every state and the best one I can find is 1.8 miles from my apartment.
I’m not sure where I would be without the people at 4TH WORLD COMICS. They’ve introduced me to all of my favorite things. Being such huge supporters of independent titles as well as the more mainstream genres, it’s one stop shop. The employees take the time to get to know their costumers. I’ll come in and there will be movies or comics waiting for me because they, “Just thought I’d like it”. Through our love for comics the people at 4th World have become good friends.
The other day, Terance was ringing me up, he finished and went through the stack a second time to make sure I didn’t forget the new issue of Locke & Key. I’ve seen them take new customers around the shop piling stuff up for them saying “You need these. If you read them and don’t like them, you can return them”. Who does that?!
Bottom line – 4th World Comics love comics. I think that’s why it works. They just want to spread their love for comics. Glen, Terance, Chris, Bill, Zach, Christine and Lou are some of my favorite people in the world… and all they do is sell me comic books.

Tell them I sent you.
Follow them on Twitter: @4thworldcomics

Welcome to Nerdtown, USA… I live here. allow me to introduce myself…

My name is Michael Ragosta, I’m 25 years old and I have a serious addiction to comic books. At a very young age my grandfather got me watching the Twilight Zone marathon with him on new year’s eve and even younger than that I was watching Superman, Batman and Ninja Turtles cartoons and movies. Things started getting serious when my sister Gina took me to my first comic shop, Richmond Comics in Richmond, Virginia when I was 11 years old. Gina was reading things by Neil Gaiman and Garth Ennis then, names I wouldn’t discover until my teens. That day i picked out 3 comics:

Star Wars: X-wing Rogue Sqadron #17

Superman Adventures #1

Superman/Madman Hullabaloo #1

I read all three over and over and over again and remember almost every page. It was Hullabaloo that had the strongest effect on me. Mike Allred’s art leapt out at me from across the store. I remember studying the cover for the first time. There he was. This character dressed all in white I’d never seen before. He stood next to the all familiar Superman, both in their action poses. Madman, also known as Frank Einstein, wearing a bold red lightning bolt across his chest and a small black one on his forehead below hair that was always waving in the wind (even if no other characters hair was moving at all). He had black rings around pupil-less white eyes and clutched his weapon of choice, a yo-yo, ready for anything. I wanted to be him, I wanted to act like him; look like him. He was constantly looking for the meaning in everything, and so was I. He was thoughtful and kind of ridiculous. Always hanging around mutant street beatniks turned superheroes, aliens and robots, these were my kind of people! He has a beautiful girlfriend who doesn’t care that he was recently dead and brought back to life by some mad scientists (get it? Frank Einstein.) and he can’t remember anything about his life other than that he might actually have been a murderer… seriously! It was just so much fun, and I felt like I could relate to every word Mike Allred had written. Of course, I still own the very same copy and even at 11 years old I knew to board and bag them and was immediately anal about the condition. I loved the way they looked, glossy, new and exciting in their plastic which made them look so important. I remember that year for my birthday, my mom tracked down everything Mike Allred had ever written and just knowing that this was it for me. Comics were to be a constant thing in my life for as many more birthdays I’m able to have. Along with the comics, I started collecting toys, statues, art prints and whatever else i could get my hands on. My parents are constantly begging me to go and pack everything up that’s still on display in my old room at their house. sorry! here are some old pictures of my room i found on my phone:






A few years ago, at Wizard’s Big Apple Con i found this just sitting on a table all alone. The original Mike Allred cover art for Grafik Muzik #4 (one of his first comics)

A very nice old man sitting at the table was pretty much completely deaf and the whole transaction happened on paper (me and this man writing notes back and forth to eachother.) Before i walked away from the table the man said, “I got this from him, now i’m giving it to you.” it was the first piece of original art I’ve ever bought, and just like that, Mike Allred changed my life for the second time. My comic book addiction has gotten a bit more expensive, thanks Mike! i’m still buying new comics to read every week, but i’ve pretty much stopped buying toys and statues in order to devote all of this non-existent extra cash i’m pretending to have an abundance of on original comic art. You can see my ORIGINAL COMIC ART GALLERY HERE. I’m a big Vertigo/DC comics and independant fan, I think image is regularly putting out great new titles and miniseries. I really wish Gabriel Rodriguez would sell me every last one of his Locke & Key pages. always picking up new things to read and happy to take reading suggestions! I love geeking out with fellow comic nerds, feel free to write just to talk comics. I read pretty much anything by: Brian K. Vaughan, Mike Allred, Scott Snyder, Neil Gaiman, Garth Ennis, Joe Hill, Grant Morrison, Warren Ellis, Eric Powell, Robert Kirkman, Josh Fialkov, along with tons of random titles, you like comics? I like comics! let’s hang out about it! If you know nothing about comics, but think you might be interested in checking something out, let me know! I’ll try to steer you in the right direction.
Other than comics, I’m also in a Science Fiction band called This Good Robot

Most of my songs are either about comics I’m reading or writing, or transcending space and time. Check it out: LONG LIVE THIS GOOD ROBOT and be sure to follow me on Twitter: @ThisGoodIdiot